Goal: £40,000 | Raised: £50,000


What? 300km Smog Graham round FKT attempt – 300 Expansion Challenge.

This was the year of bigger and bolder and really stepping out in faith and trusting God for a miracle. With CRC London’s full support, the Run Forest Run team under Rehan’s vision launched the 300 Expansion Challenge in March 2021 and pulled in over 60 runners that would take on the 16-week process of training for the furthest run of their lives in aid of JAM. Rehan created specific training plans for each of the 4 category runners (10k, 21k, 42k, ultra) and assisted them throughout the process with weekly check-ins and motivation. There were weekly virtual team meetings and also some sessions with key people to encourage and empower – Alwyn Uys (SA Paralympian adventurer), Sean Conway (international adventurer), Ronel Bosch (sports nutritionist), Isak Pretorius (ForAfrika CEO – previously JAM), and Pastor Karen Marais (senior pastor, CRC-London). The team members took on various fundraising efforts, like “Come Braai with me”, school raffles, pop-up coffee shops at church, selling RFR merch. Great team! Teamwork makes the dream work!

How did the Challenge go?

Our documentary tells the entire story – all the heartache, the struggles, the highs and the lows of the journey.

How did the Fundraising go?
Incredible! On the day of the community race (3 July), they were able to break through the initial goal of £40,000. In the end, the team was able to raise £50,000 towards JAM-sufficient to feed 10,000 school kids for an entire month or 833 over a school year.

Change in Rehan
It was tough returning to running after the challenge. Rehan got to the place where he associated running with his dad. After necessary time to properly grieve and work through many of the accompanying emotions, the slogan of “expanding horizons, running for good” really became a way of life! Continue to trust God for the impossible.