Goal: £3,000 | Raised: £2,079

“Crazy winter mountains”

What? 160km mountain run race – Exodus (Brecon Beacons, Wales)

Rehan loved the challenge of completing an ultra in the harshness of the winter but wanted to challenge himself with “real” mountains and self-navigation. The Exodus 100 miler along the Brecon Beacons ticked all those requirements – it was hosted in the middle of the UK winter in Wales with more than 7,500m of elevation and you needed to be self sufficient (and be able to navigate yourself), as the aid stations were a marathon apart from each other.

How did the Challenge go?
For this challenge, Rehan’s good friend, Chris Platt, accompanied him as support, assisting him with communication, food and encouragement along the route (even though they saw very little of each other throughout the adventure, just due to the nature of the challenging beast that is the “Exodus”.It was brutally beautiful and beautifully brutal…

With the aid stations being a marathon apart from each other, Rehan needed to carry enough nutrition and liquid to sustain him for anything between 7-12 hours.It was the middle of winter. In Wales. On some of the highest peaks. Weather changed quickly and drastically. And during our run Rehan experienced almost everything except snow and hail. With the run starting at 19:00 at night, 2 full nights of running in the dark was required.During this traversing exercise, 7,500 metres of vertical climb was included (as a little bonus). The highest peak in the Beacons – Pen-Y-Fan – is also included at the halfway point.Some portions are very technical, making running very difficult.

Rehan was one of the 27 finishers (out of 60 starters) – finishing in 39 hours and 48 minutes, in a top 12 position.

How did the fundraising go?
Not as hoped. The expectation was to continue on the previous trajectory but in the end, he was able to raise £2,079 as part of the JAM Christmas Drive, sufficient to feed 416 school kids for an entire month or 35 over a school year.

Change in Rehan
Rehan realised that he cannot only challenge himself, but that he should encourage others to reach their goals and involve more people to increase engagement.