Goal: £2,000 | Raised: £1,376

“Something new!”

What? 100km trail run race – SouthCoast Challenge (England)

Rehan received healing in 2017 during a Sunday morning church service following years of battling injuries and constant pain, at stages bordering on addiction to pain medication.

Following that pivotal miracle, his mind was made up to run on purpose for purpose.

This coincided with a visit from Peter Pretorius, the founder of Joint Aid Management (JAM), to CRC London. His journey following a single encounter in Mozambique during 1984 resonated with Rehan – One man resolving to stand in the gap. Rehan decided to come alongside JAM (now rebranded as ForAfrika) to use what God placed in his hands (or legs so to speak) and use it for good, however big or small.

Rehan went BIG…100km! Trailrun over the Southdowns Way! Loving nature…it will be fun. Why not!? Just to add…up until this point Rehan has never run more than 30km in one go. The outrageous goal for his first challenge = Raise £2,000 for JAM.

How did the Challenge go?
The lead-up to the SouthCoast Challenge race was short, but Rehan trained and prepared as well as he could. Being an absolute rookie in ultra-running, he made the mistake of going out hot the first 25km (~6min/km) -.Rookie! Then the rolling hills of the Southdowns arrived in all its glory, as well as the hottest summer’s day experienced up to that point in the UK with no shade in sight! His hamstrings were shot to bits by around the 65km mark and from there it was really just about getting to the finish line. The last 20km was pretty much a hike in the dark. Luckily, Rehan managed to finish in one piece! It was crazy tough, but beautiful….and the start of something bigger.

How did the Fundraising go?
With limited to no knowledge of fundraising at this point Rehan didn’t really go public with his efforts. Total funds raised £1,376.27 (68% of goal), which felt like a failure initially, but in reality this meansJAM can feed 275 school kids for an entire month or 23 over a school year and that was a turning point about perspective on impact.

Change in Rehan
During the run,Rehan received a revelation that has impacted his life ever since.
2 simple God-inspired sentences: “I am a kingdom builder. Builders build.”