Rehan spoke to Miss Mildred Ntsila at the Yonayethu Educare Cente – Khayelitsha, South Africa

Ndlovini is one of the largest and poorest areas of Khayelitsha, in Cape Town, South Africa. Residents mostly live in shacks made of corrugated iron. There are hardly any basic services such as water, electricity or rubbish removal. Unemployment and crime are both high.

Despite the challenges, however, there are people who make the best of what they have. In 2011 Mildred Ntsila started using two bedrooms in her home to look after children. “When ForAfrika started with the feeding in my centre, we got some [financial] relief and the porridge made such a difference to the children,” said Mildred. “I got so many children coming because of the porridge! “I was so happy when the Run Forest Run crew came to visit my centre, they left me with hope that this will continue.”

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